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Candor app – track your FODMAP journey, understand symptoms and manage your IBS

Get insights into your GI symptoms. Take control of your digestive health. View ranked lists on most commonly cited treatments, symptoms and triggers.

For those in the Candor community following a FODMAP diet, Candor’s food and drink catalog includes labels to easily identify High/Medium/Low FODMAP foods.

  • Beginning phase: For those following/starting a FODMAP diet, use Candor app’s FODMAP labels to identify High FODMAP foods and replace with low FODMAP alternatives.
  • Reintroduction phase: When reintroducing high FODMAP foods, determine your personal sensitivity to high FODMAPs by using Candor app’s personalized insights to identify your problem foods.
  • Personalization phase: Using the patterns uncovered through Candor app’s insights, set up your personalized diet with a mix of low and high FODMAP foods that you are able to tolerate, with the goal of minimizing overall symptoms long-term.

Candor also provides access to the most relevant content in the best scientific articles and latest evidence-based research. Our editorial team looks for the most pertinent medical information, and distills the core findings to provide maximum benefit to our community and members.

Candor is a digital health platform designed to empower YOU. Your experience with chronic GI conditions like IBS, Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s is unique to you – it is highly personalized to every individual and understanding your specific patterns can significantly improve your quality of life.

Check out our ranked lists of the most popular treatments, most cited triggers and common symptoms encountered for FODMAP diet, IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis or GERD. More GI conditions are being added regularly. Share your opinion by voting on entries in the lists.  

Identify bowel movement patterns and understand food and drink that may have caused the issues.

Key features:

  • Export your data to pdf!
  • Easily log data in your diary: Log data on mood, bowel movements, flare-up symptoms and diet, access log history
  • Candor app insights:
    • Understand your mood patterns
    • Track bowel movements and identify spikes
    • Identify bowel movement patterns across time windows
    • Track flare-up symptoms and get insight into your top symptoms
    • Isolate food or drink that caused most severe reactions
    • Use food labels to stay on track with your diet goals and needs
    • Understand your diet composition
  • News feed: Curated content on GI topics from our editorial team
  • Active Facebook community –  Check out Candor on Facebook!

Download the Candor app today and take control of your GI health!

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