Welcome to our collection of diabetes recipes and gut friendly food options.

If you are dealing with diabetes or are looking for low cholesterol options, you will find some great diabetes recipes and gut friendly options here at Candor. If you are dealing with IBS, SIBO or IBD, are following the low FODMAP diet or are simply looking for healthy, safe recipes that you can try and possibly fit into your diet plan, take a look at our recipes!

All our recipes are:

  • easy on the gut
  • diabetes compatible and low in cholesterol
  • use only all-natural ingredients
  • clearly identify common allergens (dairy, soy, shellfish, gluten, egg, nuts)
  • can be easily customized to avoid high FODMAPs (so no onion, garlic, etc.)

Here are some our most popular recipes:

  • unda-chicken-kati-roll

    Unda chicken kati roll

  • spicy guacamole

    Quick and easy spicy guacamole

  • cumin beef

    Cumin beef

  • asian chicken sliders

    Juicy Asian chicken sliders

  • egg drop soup candor

    Easy egg drop soup

  • poha recipe diabetic friendly

    Super easy poha recipe

  • rava-upma

    Rava upma

  • mongolian-lamb

    Amazing Mongolian lamb

  • palak paneer

    Palak paneer (spinach and Indian cottage cheese)

  • chicken keema

    Chicken keema (Indian minced chicken recipe)

  • turkish chicken kebab

    Turkish chicken kebab

  • vegetable biryani

    Easy vegetable biryani

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