does low fodmap work for ibs

Does low FODMAP diet work for IBS?

Short answer – it depends, based on each individual’s reaction to various food combinations. Long answer – there is considerable interest in answering the question – does low…

how food moves through the digestive system

How food moves through the digestive system

The gastrointestinal tract, also known as the digestive tract or alimentary canal, is a long, continuous tube that extends from the mouth to the anus. It plays a…


Crohn’s disease – foods to avoid

Managing Crohn’s disease involves following a carefully tailored Crohn’s diet and working with a qualified Crohn’s dietician. Crohn’s disease causes inflammation in the digestive tract, affecting the gastrointestinal…


Gut bacteria – do you know the different types?

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract harbors a diverse array of gut bacteria and assorted microorganisms, totaling in the trillions. These microscopic inhabitants fulfill crucial functions in upholding our well-being….

fructose intolerance

Fructose intolerance – diet guide and overview

Fructose, a natural sugar present in fruits, select vegetables, and honey, can pose challenges for certain individuals who struggle to absorb it effectively. This condition, known as fructose…

fructose malabsorption

Fructose malabsorption – avoid these foods

Fructose, a naturally occurring sugar present in fruits, fruit juices, certain vegetables, and honey, also forms a key component of table sugar (sucrose) and high-fructose corn syrup, commonly…

indian food ibs

Does Indian food trigger IBS flares?

Not all Indian food is a potential trigger for your IBS symptoms. The impact of Indian food on triggering IBS flares can vary from person to person. Indian…

sibo natural remedies

SIBO natural remedies – options and potential for treatment

You’re probably aware that your body is made up of trillions of cells. These little guys, about 30 trillion of them in an average human, may be tiny,…

sibo treatment

SIBO treatment: important things you need to know

Cramping in the abdomen, excessive flatulence, uncomfortable distention, queasiness, irregular bowel movements — these distressing manifestations are often associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but they can also…

ibs foods and nutrition

IBS foods: Effective nutrition and lifestyle strategies for managing symptoms

If you’re seeking ways to alleviate and control the distressing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), understanding the impact of specific foods is crucial. Nutrition and lifestyle strategies…